Thursday, August 14, 2008

Busy Mom's Shortcuts

My biggest tip is to buy 5-10 lbs of hamburger meat at the store, cut into 1 lb portions, cook and freeze. You only have to clean the pan once. I cook several portions with taco seasoning because so many recipes call for it. I also do this with ground breakfast sausage.

There are some obvious quick meals listed below but I am going to add them anyway for a quick reference:
-Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
-Buy frozen stuffed shells or ravioli, add spag. sauce and mozzarella, good with garlic bread and salad -Frozen pizza and salad
-Buy frozen wings, bake, add Louisiana Hot Sauce, (it tastes like Wings 'n More),serve w/carrots -Tyson Frozen steak fingers, instant mashed potatoes (microwave), corn, LOTS of cream gravy -Taco Soup...see recipe in Soup's comments
-Tacos with beans and rice
-Frozen fish or fish sticks, corn, instant mashed potatoes
-BBQ sandwiches (buy the BBQ at Sam's), potato salad, green beans
-Sam's chicken stuffed with brie and apples, rice/potato, veggie
-Gorton's frz shrimp scampi over buttered pasta, salad, garlic bread
-Taco "ring" - roll out crescent rolls dough into lg rectangle, spread pre-cooked ground beef with seasoning down the middle, add lots of cheddar cheese, fold the sides over, covering the filling, bake according to crescent rolls directions. Original recipe makes a ring, I simplified it by doing this. Serve with salad.
-Hamburger Helper
-Meatloaf: make it ahead of time and freeze it.

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