Monday, June 3, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I thought it would be fun and unique to make cookie bouquets for the kids' teachers this year. I didn't get them done in time for Teacher Appreciation Week, but as a former teacher, I know that it doesn't matter when you receive a gift. I let my oldest help decorate some of the cookies.

Then the kids wanted to decorate the pots. I really had to let go of my OCD and let them decorate how they wanted to. The gifts were from them.

Here is one finished project. If you've never made a cookie bouquet before, be prepared to devote a LOT of time for completion. You can only fit half as many cookies on the baking sheets because they have sticks in them.
Then you have to make the frosting. AND mix each color. AND fill the icing bags. Then you have to do all the outlining first. Then you're ready to fill in the cookies with the frosting. This is a long, tedious process.
Next you have to let them dry. This takes up to 6 hours! You want to them to be firm before you put them in the bags and tie them. Meanwhile, you can spray paint the pots because those have to dry as well. Sometimes the pots need a second coat.
Assembly: I take some oasis (found in the floral department at craft stores) and force it into the pot. Next, I decide how many cookies will be in each row. Then I begin by placing the back row-middle cookie, and I work out from there. Finally, I fill in the space with some tissue paper, and they're ready to go.
Here are some of the other cookie bouquets I've made: