Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grilled 4 Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled 4 Cheese Sandwiches by Rachael Ray
3 T butter
1 clove garlic
8 slices crusty Italian Semolina bread
1 c shredded provolone

1 c shredded mozzarella
1/2 c grated Parmesan or Romano
1 c shredded Asiago

1. In a small skillet over medium-low heat, combine oil, butter, & garlic. Cook garlic in butter & oil gently for 2-3 minutes. Remove "garlic butter" mixture from heat.
2. Place large nonstick skillet on the stove over med-high heat. Using a pastry brush, brush 1 side of 4 slices of bread w/garlic oil and place buttered side down in skillet. Top each slice with equal amounts of the 4 cheeses.
3. Top each sandwich with another slice of bread brushed with garlic butter.
4. Flip the sandwiches a few times until the cheeses are melted & gooey and bread is toasted and golden.

In my opinion: Yumm-O! These are so good. You don't need that special bread, just use what you have and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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