Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tempura by Simply Fondue

Tempura by Simply Fondue
seafood (shrimp, scallops)
chicken cubes
vegetables (cauliflower, mushrooms, sliced carrots, peppers, asparagus)

1 egg yolk
1 c ice water
1 c flour
pinch of salt
white pepper to taste
flour to coat dipping ingredients

*Be sure all food is dry and almost room temperature before dipping in the batter.
Prepare BATTER:
1. Beat yolk with fork.
2. Add cold water & mix well.
3. Add flour & stir just enough to combine.
4. Batter should be quite thin, about consistency of cream. Add more ice water if necessary.
5. Mixture should leave just a thin coating when dipped.

1. Roll seafood, meat, or veggies in flour and then dip in batter.
2. Dip immediately in hot oil (fondue pot).
3. Serve immediately with mustard, sweet 'n sour, or Treiyaki sauce

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