Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010-Edited

Valentine's Day shouts, "Chocolate!!!" but there are so many wonderful treats you can prepare for the day of love. For breakfast last year we made heart shaped pancakes and let the kids spray whipping cream on top, add syrup, and shake on sprinkles. We even had cherries to top them off.

The dessert possibilities are endless. You can prepare fondue or make a cheesecake.

You can make heart, flower, and lip-shaped cookies, Cherry Rice Krispie Treats, or just settle for pink cupcakes.

There's always fudge and truffles.

My husband doesn't like chocolate (I know, he's strange) so I have been collecting white chocolate recipes.
-Here is a Valentine candy bouquet that I made several years ago.
-Don't forget about Creme Brulee or strawberry shortcake.
-For dinner you can make a homemade heart-shaped pizza or heart-shaped breadsticks with a pizza fondue sauce. You could make any type of casserole or chicken pot pie in a heart-shaped pan.
-Whether you are baking for your sweetie, your kids, or a party, you'll find what you're looking for with the resources above! But don't forget, the kids don't really care WHAT you make, it's the time you spend together!
-Let me know if you find a fun site I don't have listed.
Edited to add-This site has Valentine Smoothies that look fabulous (thanks Rebecca).
I also found these fun looking recipes and these "Cupid Cups."

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! This blog ( http://www.jeannewinters.blogspot.com/ ) has some ideas for Valentine smoothies in her Feb. 9th post and a cute "Udaman" paper sleeve for a large chocolate bar.

Happy Valentine's Day!