Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mummy Face Pizzas

We had our 3rd annual Halloween get-together with The Duhons last night. I LOVE planning for this special night. I have such fond memories of Halloween as a kid. We had the best neighborhood ever. All the girls were the same age and our brothers were the same age, too. Our parents dressed up and the teenage kids put together little haunted houses for us. Good times!
Anyway, I want my kids to have extra special memories, too. I have tons of fun food recipes that I really enjoy preparing for our annual fun night. Here's how easy it is:

All you need is:
bagels or a can of biscuits
pizza sauce
favorite toppings
string cheese

You can use bagels if your kids can bite through them. We have some younger kids so I rolled out biscuits in advance. Then just spread some pizza sauce on. Let the kids add their toppings before putting on some string cheese that has been peeled. Then bake according to biscuit directions!

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