Friday, June 18, 2010

Ice Sculpting for kids

Picture from Family Fun website

I received this idea from

1.Start your preparations for your ice sculpting at least 10 hours in advance.
2.Fill plastic containers, ice trays, muffin trays, or milk cartons with water and add a couple droplets of food coloring.
3.Store them in the freezer and wait until the water is frozen solid.
4.When you are ready to start building, take the objects outside and have your kids help remove the ice from the containers.
5.Let your children try stacking, sorting and building with the ice.

Stephanie's idea: For more fun, use shaped ice trays such as stars (found at Wal-Mart around the 4th of July) or hearts, etc..... (found at IKEA or craft stores such as Hobby Lobby)

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